Friday, April 10, 2009

Fifty-two Fridays

This week we had our share of cold mornings - and rain, lots of rain -

but today it's 50 degrees, and it isn't even 7:00 a.m. yet! The birds are chirping, the sun is out, and Sunday is Easter, which should count for something.

(I'm going to ignore the fact that last year, there was a HUGE snowstorm the Sunday after Easter. I like to think the gods were with Reagan, who was visiting from Australia, so she could see snow for the first time.)

There are more and more unmistakable signs of spring, especially in Central Park

and the dogwood* out back is in bloom.

Yes, even in New York City there are dogwoods. Take THAT, Atlanta, Georgia. (Only kidding. The full bloom of spring in Atlanta can make even the most insensitive person weep with joy.)

If you don't know EB yet, head over here for a sec. She's lots of fun, and if you happen to like ice cream - have you ever actually met someone who doesn't like ice cream? - check out her archives. I warn you, though, it could be dangerous.

Anyway, we have started a joint blog, Fifty-two Fridays, and since the end of February, we have each been posting a picture of our respective worlds - California and New York.

California - March 13, 2008

*Addendum, May 1, 2009

Just to let you know how dumb I am, this

is a dogwood. That other tree above is a beautiful blooming something - but I don't know what!


  1. I love your blog banner. If that's your kitchen, I'm really jealous!

  2. Hi Wick.
    A great idea to show the contrast between East and Wesdt Coasts. Can't wait to see Central Park in full bloom, and also the view out your back balcony should get a look in. We were DELIGHTED to see our picture on your site, and Reagan was especailly happy to have her name mentioned. Of course the kitchen at the Victoria House looks totally beautiful-Rebekka would die of jealousy if she saw the rest of the house!!!

  3. am a New Yorker (now in the midwest) and your post did me good! (Even though we seem to be warmer than you - we are not in bloom). Central Park in Easter - always a treat. Love the dogwoods. We have another three weeks before we see that.

  4. I'm SO happy to have found your blog. I was dying to go see Molly Wizenberg speak when she came to the San Francisco area but I couldn't make it and now I'm even sorrier. The cabbage and dutch babies are both on my list.

  5. Also. . . Rich and Famous??!!! Wow. I loved that movie and I love that it's on your favorites list.
    I've been wondering which Delia Smith book to check out. Your top recommendation?


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