Sunday, December 9, 2007

Eve, an Apple Vermouth Cocktail

dapted from Paul Clarke via Supper in Stereo Blog

Lately I've been reading a fine blog called Supper in Stereo, where I found this recipe, which Paul Clarke had posted on Serious Eats. The best word to describe this cocktail, originally concocted by Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club on West Houston Street (formerly of Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle), is lovely. It is a delightful aperitif, very light and appetite-stimulating, which is, of course, the point of a preprandial drink. It would also make a nice gift for those of you who wants to go handmade for Christmas or who wants to bring an unusual host or hostess gift.

With my Benriner mandolin , I sliced the Macintosh apples very thin. Since I didn't have organic specimens, I peeled them, but I would probably leave the peels on organic apples to color the infusion a light pink. I had to use two jars because I didn't have one large enough to hold eight sliced apples and one liter of vermouth. By doing that, I was able to use all eight apples.

Definitely try this.

1 liter Noilly Prat Extra Dry vermouth (make sure it’s a fresh, unopened bottle)
8 Macintosh apples

Cut the apples into v-e-r-y thin slices. Put the slices in a large jar and completely cover the apples with the vermouth. (Save the bottle the vermouth was in, and wash it to use later. ) If you have to use two jars because you don't have one that's big enough, divide the apples between the jars.

Put a top on the jar, and refrigerate it for five days, shaking the jar carefully once a day.

Strain the liquid from the jar through a fine sieve. Put the strained liquid in the washed vermouth bottle, and put the cap on the bottle. Refrigerate.

To serve, pour four ounces of the flavored vermouth into a saucer champagne glass or a martini glass.

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  1. Victoria, I'm so glad you tried this! Isn't it delicious? I'm amazed that you fit all 8 apples into the jars. I love the idea of giving it as a hostess gift, by the way. It would make a great gift.

  2. hanne hanne,

    Yes, it is delicious. Light and positively scrumptious, very appetitie-stimulating with a soft haunting fragrance. Thanks for the recipe. I think the reason I could fit all eight apples into two jars was because I sliced the apples so thin. The apples were not small ones either. Now let's think of what would go especially well with this. Walnuts and raisins perhaps? I don't like to serve anything heavy before dinner because it just ruins dinner. Love your blog. I'm still waiting to hear from Carlo on poutine.

  3. Hi Victoria-

    So glad to see a new post! This recipe really makes me wish I had a mandolin.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi, Erin,
    My New Year's Resolution is going to be post more regularly and do a really good recipe index. Try this anyway even if you don't have a mandolin; just slice the apples as thin as you can. You might have to use six instead of eight apples. If you can get organic apples, try it with the peels on. I think that would make it pretty in pink! It's a nice holiday drink. Enjoy.


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