Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I'm Not Mistaken, Spring is in the Air

March is not my favorite month. By the time it gets here, I'm usually sick, sick, sick of winter, even if it means a beautiful red cardinal outside the kitchen window.

I'm tired of gray days and icy streets. I want to put my gloves and wool hats away. I'll be pleased not to see my winter boots or down coat for a few months. I'm not exactly tired of comfort food - that would be going overboard - but I am beginning to daydream about lamb chops cooked outside over a wood fire and the first asparagus of the season, preferably dipped in the yolk of a fresh egg softly boiled.

I went upstate Thursday night, and Friday dawned - if you can call it that - dark and dreary. It was cold and bitter, and instead of feeling cozy working at the kitchen table with logs burning and cups of tea brewing, I just felt dismal. Saturday, which was supposed to be gorgeous, wasn't much better. But Sunday.

Well, THAT was another story.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I knew something was up. I could get out of bed without making a run for a hot shower. The house was actu ally warm before the fire was stoked. Then the sun came blasting up, and the sky turned bluebird blue. I almost opened the windows, but I knew that would be pushing my luck. I listened to Jim Dale read The Half-Blood Prince while I ironed my duvet cover and didn't even mind that I was probably missing Ice Cream Day in the City. I just enjoyed the beautiful day and thought that spring really is right around the corner, and summer will soon be more than just a memory.

In the meantime, I will send you over to the beautiful Cannelle et Vanille to see Aran, whose recipe for pavlova I'm going to bookmark so I can make it as soon as sweet, local strawberries make their first appearance.


  1. March is my favorite too-- my birthday month! Glad the weather is getting better. Listening to Harry Potter while putzing is a cozy way to enjoy it!

  2. Oh you will have to tell me how the pavlova comes out. Mine always turn into frisbees!!

  3. But, EB, are they fanged frisbees?

  4. I remember that tired of winter feeling. March was always the slush month. We'll send you some of our sunshine to help warm you up.


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